BoreSight provides procurement support for mobility, wireline and cloud services. Our resources provide the IT and procurement teams a way to simplify complicated procurement processes and ensure you are getting the best services and pricing available – all with the service and support BoreSight customers have come to expect.

When it comes to telecom, BoreSight has the experience and knowledge to understand how carriers develop and install a network infrastructure, provide services, negotiate rates and bill for those services across geographical regions.

Below are some average “cost avoidance” and “cost savings” estimates that BoreSight could provide to your organization. Cost avoidance is accomplished with continued maintenance, management and optimization of telecom spend and cost savings is the overall reduction of annual recurring spend.


Understanding what, how and when is the right time to negotiate a new contract or re-negotiate a current contract is vital to securing the best competitive rates and conditions in the marketplace. Furthermore, understanding those terms and conditions that carriers include in the contract will ensure that your organization maintains the savings for the duration of the contract. BoreSight has reviewed and negotiates over 2,500 contracts for our clients. Our relationships with carriers help to secure some of the most competitive rates and services. Some questions to consider for contract negotiations:

  • How are you ensuring the terms and conditions are competitive in the industry?
  • Is the language of the contract covering your current and future network state?
  • Are MARC commitments the best thing in your environment?
  • What are companies of similar size and within your industry receiving?
  • Can you consolidate any carrier contracts into a new contract?
  • Are you contracts geographical?