At BoreSight, our 20 years of experience and expertise allows us to help our clients to better understand the technologies available in the market and which may be best suited to meet their needs. We can provide an audit of your network, provide a network strategy, implement a new wireline network, provide billing support for improved accuracy and ROI, or simply provide help desk support to your organization – we can do some, or, all of the components of your wireline infrastructure.

BoreSight provides Wireline Expense Management as a stand-alone service or as part of a strategic service. Wireline, including Data and Voice Circuits can be a larger recurring expense for enterprise businesses as well as timely to manage and deploy. At BoreSight, we manage and maintain a healthy communications ROI for your wireline business with:

  • Wireline telephone auditing
  • Benchmarking services
  • Contract compliance
  • Inventory/CSR management
  • Invoice processing
  • Network optimization
  • Network diagramming
  • Provisioning/Order fulfillment
  • RFP/Contract negotiation
  • Standard and customized reporting on demand
  • Carrier/Vendor management
  • WAN efficiency studies
  • Help desk
  • Employee provisioning

Help Desk

BoreSight can provide your organization with Help Desk support for your fixed and/or mobility programs. We can support your procurement team as little or as much needed. We can procure all fixed or mobile devices as well as be your direct Help Desk hotline when your staff or customers need to speak to a live person for support. We can install, support and manage your devices 365 days a week, 24/7, or based on your business needs.

BoreSight’s inventory management will streamline the process for centrally managing procurement of all mobile or fixed devices and services essential to eliminating unnecessary costs, enforcing corporate policy, and planning effectively for organizational growth. Provisioning streamlines the enterprise-wide requesting and ordering of services and equipment from any vendor, enabling the central management of moves, adds, changes, and disconnects (MACD) for virtually any product and/or service. A vital element in establishing a closed loop, “procure-to-pay” TEM process across the enterprise, provisioning enables better strategic and tactical management of several essential provisioning components. BoreSight manages over 150,000 devices for our customers and can provide the flexibility and support needed to address your communication needs.


BoreSight provides Wireless Expense Management (WEM) as a stand-alone service or as part of a strategic service. BoreSight’s WEM offers wireless customers the ability to pull reports on all their wireless charges, including zero usage lines, high text messaging users, international travelers, and more.

BoreSight also offers a mobility policy template as a resource for clarifying any usage questions from employees around corporate and BYOD compliance and usage, personal liability, pricing and cost, theft or damage and international travel.

We have very strong carrier relationships both regionally and internationally to support competitive pricing and contract negotiations; we can provide technical support, inventory database collection on your company devices, and can recommend effective usage plans to fit your business needs.

Our mobility solution provides a cloud-based, single portal where IT managers, procurement, and accounting can securely access all components related to the organizations accounting and or device management.