Audit, Optimization & Inventory Services

BoreSight’s Audit, Optimization and Inventory services effectively ensures our customers pay only for the services, circuits and equipment they have contracted. Each audit is designed to support your telecom environment and project objectives. The scope of the audit depends upon your individual business requirements although, every audit consists of a detailed review of services including:

  • Both fixed and mobile services
  • Equipment charges
  • Federal, state and local taxes and surcharges

BoreSight has been selected time and time again by Fortune 500 customers over the large data analyst firms for several reasons:


  • Agility to address requests
  • Knowledge of telecom technologies
  • Accuracy of audits
  • Timely benchmarking data
  • Competitive pricing
  • Impactful business recommendations


Our strong relationships with carriers enable us to quickly resolve claims and obtain the maximum allowable credits and refunds on behalf of our customers. These relationships allow us to quickly resolve claims and obtain the maximum allowable credits/refunds on behalf of our customers. Our experienced team members are assigned to projects based on the scope of services to be provided, the telecom environment and the project objectives, optimizing skillsets to allow for increased success.

Our audit team will identify and recover savings across numerous categories, including:


  • Mileage calculations
  • Metropolitan statistical areas
  • Manual/zero rate review
  • Surcharges
  • Usage
  • Account reconciliation true-ups
  • Governmental billing (Fed/State/local)
  • Late payment/interest charges
  • Taxes
  • Shortfall penalties/term liabilities
  • Custom contract review/monitoring
  • Contract renewals/expirations, domestic and international
  • Contract terms and conditions
  • Adjustment reviews


BoreSight’s audit services go beyond a standard billing audit to provide customers with savings of up to 35%. Our competitive differentiators include:



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