At BoreSight, our experienced team with over 20 years, utilizes proven, knowledge-based methodologies of a lifecycle management approach to identify, enable, deliver and manage a telecom and cloud strategy that our customers require to meet their business needs. We understand that a clear and comprehensive strategy includes our customer’s business goals, business processes, and management strategies in addition to the necessary IT components and network requirements. Our experts can recommend and deploy a full enterprise or small-medium sized solution with services to manage your telecom; mobile and/or wireline, as well as for your cloud-based Saas applications. All of our services can be implemented as a full strategic deployment, or as an a la carte solution.

Mobility Policy

BoreSight’s WEM offers wireless customers the ability to pull reports on all their wireless charges, including zero usage lines, high text messaging users, international travelers, and more. This helps customers gain visibility and understanding into complex billing statements and to help them manage their wireless spend. Our proprietary technology uncovers opportunities, provides pricing transparency and optimizes network performance on an ongoing basis. This unprecedented level of automation, control and transparency is key to realizing long-term cost savings while empowering clients in their interactions with large carriers.

Wireline Policy

Wireline or also known as POTs, “plain old telephone” lines can be a large expense for enterprise businesses. Think of a Fortune 500 companies with thousands of people in a single building and multiple buildings across the country, all connected with extensions of internal phone lines and phones at their desks, not to mention, special phone numbers for customer service or specialized departments. At BoreSight, we manage and maintain a healthy communications ROI for your wireline business with:

·    Wireline telephone auditing

·    Benchmarking services

·    Contract compliance

·    Inventory/CSR management

·    Invoice processing

·    Network optimization

·    Network diagramming

·    Provisioning/order fulfillment


  • RFP/Contract negotiation
  • Standard and customized reporting on demand
  • Carrier/Vendor management
  • WAN efficiency studies
  • Help desk
  • Employee provisioning


 Cloud Policy

BoreSight provides end-to-end service, guidance and engagement to align your business goals to your cloud. BoreSight’s cloud management solution helps companies understand, control, and manage their cloud-based services, licenses and subscriptions, while fully integrating with lifecycle management of other vital communication categories including mobility, wirelines, IT and machines.


The TotalCloud solution line supports cloud planning and ongoing cloud management including:

·    Cloud planning services

·    Contract sourcing

·    Cloud transition assistance

·    Invoice processing

·    Cost allocation

·    Financial integration

·    Optimization

·    Capacity tracking

·    Forecasting

·    Business analytics

·    Inventory, claim, and contract management


Our cloud-based solution enables agility for your business complexities while optimizing productivity and driving down costs through:


·    Policy creation and enforcement

·    Elimination of underutilized or stranded licenses

·    Benchmark data to improve vendor negotiations

·    Optimization of vendor fee structures

·    Accurate departmental charge backs

·    Analytics that create visibility across the enterprise

  • Identification and control of BYOC usage
  • Inventory management
  • Invoice processing
  • License optimization
  • Contract management


TotalCloud centralizes and controls cloud spend, manages cloud service providers, helps to analyze license consumption and secures corporate assets while ensuring that users have the tools they need to be productive, when they need them. TotalCloud can be used as “ala carte” solution service, or integrated with a full enterprise strategic solution.