BoreSight offers one of the most robust Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) solutions in the industry. The BoreSight TotalTEM solution advantage is simple: BoreSight’s world-class telecom and billing expertise produce savings to your bottom line.

BoreSight TotalTEM

BoreSight TotalTEM, provides complete telecom, or à la carte, services depending on what is needed to fully impact cost management opportunities.

Telecom Expense Management services include:

  • TEM strategy: policies and procedures
  • Contract negotiation, domestic and international
  • Managing all vendor contracts
  • Benchmark pricing
  • Invoice management


  • Help desk
  • Inventory management
  • Cost allocations
  • Integration

Save Money

While you focus on delivering exceptional service to your customers, BoreSight can manage and deliver the most appropriate telecommunications solution for your business needs.

Our Wireless Expense Management (WEM) system offers wireless customers the ability to pull reports on all their wireless charges, including zero usage lines, high text messaging users, international travelers, and more. This helps customers gain visibility and understanding into complex billing statements and to help them manage their wireless spend.

TEM Cost avoidance and cost savings are all about the bottom-line of telecom management and savings. Cost avoidance is accomplished with continued maintenance, management and optimization of telecom spend and cost savings is the overall reduction of annual recurring spend. Depending on your organization and the type or level of TEM management strategy, BoreSight can help save your company $$$.


Strategy: Standard IT and usage policies.
Cost: Contracts serve as cost control.
Risk: Acknowledged, but limited mitigation.
Productivity: Limited by roles.
Innovation: Focused on management.
Expected savings: 1-10%


Strategy: Lack of wireline or mobile strategy.
Cost: Unknown and uncontrolled, limited process.
Risk: Too strict or too liberal.
Productivity: Limited, unmanaged.
Innovation: Limited.
Expected savings: 0%


Strategy: Effective policies govern wireline and mobility funding.
Cost: Accountable organization measure in place.
Risk: Corporate devices managed.
Productivity: Key communication driver for most employees.
Innovation: Improved management, increased visibility, and capabilities.
Expected savings: 11-20%


Strategy: 12-month strategy developed for wireless and mobility.
Cost: Controlled and forecasted.
Risk: Assessed regularly.
Productivity: Users have quality tools and plans.
Innovation: Drive productivity, increased organizational accountability, continual assessment access network.
Expected savings: 20%+